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The extremely easy and user-friendly photo video maker

Turn your photos into videos with prebuilt template, music, slide, effect, frame, filter, motion and speed with Vimory’s powerful instant video maker.

by – Appilian

Create stunning videos from your photos with zero experience. Vimory is a one of the most powerful, easy, efficient and effective instant video making software for your social media posts and other video making purposes, even more. Among mobile video making software certainly, it is the best and free video editing software for all users. It is popular because of its own and unique features. Therefore, you can use this software to make instant video for any purpose. In addition, among the instant video making platform, it is the unimaginable invention. You can’t believe its power until you use this photo video making software.

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who are struggling to make their video to build their reputation and awareness in the social media and web media platform. However, its a most effective and instant solution for all types of social media video making and publication.
So, turn your photos into an amazing video with Vimory photo video maker.

How to make a wonderful video from your pictures

Are you searching for an extremely simple system to make your images into an attractive video?

Vimory photo video maker is a very simple solution to make an amazing video, because it has prebuilt template, text, music, slide, effect, frame, filter, motion and speed.
So, just include your images into Vimory video editing mobile app then, modify photos according to your wish. After that, apply your idea to make a beautiful video instantly.
Also, you don’t need to worry about your video editing experience, zero level experience is enough for it.
In other words, it’s a three step video editing software.

Photo to Video making steps to make a video with Vimory:

Upload your selected photos

Instantly, start video editing at any time. Upload your selected photos in the project, then customize those images as you like by using the different types of editing tools. Such as, crop tools. Now, set up and adjust the images in your video project according to your plan.

Help Tips:
Always, try to use high resolution images for best quality output, but don’t worry, you can use any qualities image to make a video.

Include music and customize video with user-friendly video editing feature

Describe your information in an identical way. Vimory has different types of prebuilt template, slide, effect, music, text, frame, filter, motion, animated style and speed, so, it will give you the opportunity to personalize your video creation. Add an impressive soundtrack that inspire life into your pictures. Search licensed musics in Vimory’s music library or you can include your personal sound, music or song. You are making videos for your professional or personal life, whatever it is, but the possibilities are unlimited. Also, the system is very simple to make a video that will astonish your family, friends, and your official or private business clients.

Help Tips:
Feel free to test. Vimory has editable templates to get you started. Sample a few different ones to see which you like best.

Generate video and share on social media network

Once you have finished your video slideshow then generate your video and share to social media platform in one click from our photo video editor. Also, you can save the generated video in your device to share on the website or use other purposes.

Help Tips:
Try different types of music in your video making project. Vimory has prebuilt music, use these according to your wish.


Create a professional video without any difficulty as shown below by using your own photo collection.


Now, you are watching a video clip produced by Vimory photo video maker. You can create like this video in a very short time. Just add your photos, choose the effects or whatever you want to use in your video and get the final output. It’s as easy as pie.

Why do you want to convert your photos to videos?

  • FREE
    Vimory – Video Memory Maker is a free mobile app for IOS and Android users. You can download it from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can use it on your iPhone and Android Phone (smart-phone) to create unlimited video slideshow for your social media posts. Like Facebook, Instagram etc.

    Vimory photo video maker is an instant video slideshow creator. However, it will save your valuable time to create your professional or personal video making.

    Vimory photo video maker is a free to use, so, don’t worry about money.

    You can create any types of video instantly using your photos and also, without losing your precious time.

    Make beautiful videos by using your awesome photos and music, then, share your stunning video slideshow in the social media platform to build social media awareness for your own or brand. Moreover, you can create and share your video instantly using Vimory app.

    Vimory is a social media video maker. You can create video for your all social media video posts. Also, you can create video for your website, YouTube, social events and other purposes.

Vimory want to help you create a highly attractive video

Vimory here to help you to make your great video memories using your personal photo collection. So, without losing your valuable time, start your video memory making with Vimory. Join with the Vimory’s Social Media Community on Facebook, Instagram and others. Vimory video experts are ready to provide you support to grow your social media awareness with innovative ideas, suggestion, motivation, and feedback on your video work.

Instant video making template list:

Download iPhone and Android Mobile Photo Video Maker

Vimory app available on the App Store
Vimory app get it on Google Play

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Absolutely love the app! Has so many effects and options to select from that I was having trouble deciding what to use on my photo. You can literally play around with this app for hours and not get bored with it at all. You will be so happy with the look of your finished photo! This app achieves superb results! Well worth upgrading/subscribing.
Plus if you have any questions, the developer is the BEST! They truly are about their customers!

Thank you for creating this app but please let us take the watermark off by watching a video or please create more functions to it so that we can add more pictures thank you sincerely app user and make it so it is for free and we don’t have to pay for it And please make it so that we can add backgrounds to it if we so wish to

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