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Free Easter Video Maker: Make Instant Slideshow Videos from Photos

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Make Happy Easter videos for free with VIMORY Easter Video Maker and share them everywhere instantly. Mix your photos with music to make an outstanding Easter video that will impress your loved one, friends, family, colleagues, fans, followers, viewers, subscribers, customers, and clients. Try it for free.

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 🎁 Happy Easter 🐇

Create Easter Video in a Flash


Create High-Quality Video Content in Minutes

Become a Design Wizard Today

Vimory offers an extensive collection of templates and designs so you can create your own beautiful Happy Easter video gifts. First, select a suitable template that best fits your mood, adds text, effect, frame, etc., and get your desired output video for your Happy Easter.

Celebrate a Happy Easter with Vimory Easter Video Maker

You are celebrating Happy Easter with your loved one. Vimory Easter Video Maker is waiting to help you make a classic and memorable Easter video for this special day. Start by creating Easter photo to video gift with Vimory. You can use novel fonts and your fancied music. Then, explore this professional, very easy-to-use iPhone Photo Video Slideshow Making App or Android Mobile Phone Photo Video Slideshow Making App without video editing or making experience. It is as easy as pie; add, edit, organize your content, adding a personal touch, and share your Easter video for all to enjoy.

Bring your photos 📸 to life with VIMORY Easter video maker 📽️

Easter Video Maker for iPhone and Android Mobile Phone

Looking for an effortless way to turn your photos into beautiful Happy Easter videos?

Celebrate your Happy Easter with VIMORY. It is an effortless way to turn photos into videos with fashionable text, animation, transitions, emojis, slides, effects, frames, filters, music, motion, speed, etc.

Make a Happy Easter video quickly and easily with Vimory Easter video maker. Make a Happy Easter video slideshow for all. Also, you can promote your business and products with Easter videos on social media and other web media.

Just add your photos into the Vimory Easter Video Creation Mobile App and quickly rearrange your images to tell your story. Drag and drop your way to make a wonderful Happy Easter video in minutes. No editing experience is required!

Make a Happy Easter Video in 3 steps with Vimory Video Templates

Step – 01

Select your desired video template from Vimory’s slideshow video templates library.

Step – 02

Add your Happy Easter photos and modify the default text. Then, follow the following instructions displayed by the Vimory app on your device screen.

Step – 03

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered professional slideshow video maker Vimory will do the rest of all automatically.


Get started with VIMORY Easter video maker templates that make it easy to create videos instantly from your photos

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You can turn your kid’s birthday party photos into a video memory using this impressive template. It’s a very simple way to make a birthday party photo to video slideshow for any social media posts.

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World’s people are waiting for you. Gorgeous is a fashion magazine template. Using it, you can turn yourself into a professional and stylish fashion model. So, spread the word about yourself.

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Turn your shopping photos into a fashionable video memory using this template. It is suitable for professional wholesalers, retailers, clothing, and any brand selling for commercial purposes.

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You can bring your old memories alive using this effective memory-making template. It is best for those who love to make their old memories using old photos. Professional video-making template.

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You can turn your happy marriage anniversary photos into a magical video memory using this excellent photo-to-video-making template. Make your dream video memories with a few touches.

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You can make yourself like a professional model using this excellent, fast, and easy template. It is helpful for Instagram and all social media users. Show yourself as a model before the world.

Easter Video Maker - Best Practices


Select Suitable Happy Easter Photos

Go through your Happy Easter photograph taken from your Happy Easter celebration. Find and select high-quality, best, and memorable pictures from them. Lovely photos of special moments can turn your video from excellent to extraordinary.


Select Perfect Background Music

When you plan to create a Happy Easter video, you may want to make a perfect mood. But, on the other hand, maybe you will want to pick music with significant meaning in your relationship. Vimory can help you because it has a broad music library that has everything you want and more.


Select Effective Social Media Platform

Choosing your most popular social media channels would be the best to upload and publish your video there initially. All social media platforms have different video adjustments, such as square, portrait, and landscape. There is no error though Vimory’s Easter video maker manages video orientations automatically and outputs video that matches all social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.


Don’t Limit Yourself

You should not limit yourself to one idea, only Happy Easter wishes. So please, celebrate the memories of your Happy Easter party and all the special moments in your life. Try to include everybody that was there to make you happy, and don’t forget to use Vimory’s video-making easy techniques.


Use high-quality photos for the best output.

Tips for creating slideshow look good


Adjust your images

Make your photos look their best. Move, crop, zoom in, zoom out, rotate images to make sure each picture looks just the way you want it to. You can also make your slideshow more dynamic and exciting by adding fast bursts of photos.
Want to create a more identical look for your slideshow?
Add filters to your whole video to make images more engaging.

Add text to enhance your video.

The words you add to your photos can help add context and let viewers know what it is you’d like them to do. When you use Vimory’s photo video maker, you can change the text at any time to help show your story. You can also change fonts, text animations, etc., to match the feel of your pictures.

Consider your video style.

Vimory offers plenty of different styles, with exciting transitions and text animations that make your video popular. Think about the look of your video.
Do you want it to be polished?
Then go in Vimory and experiment with your video’s style to find one that works for your video.

Finding photos for business videos


Use photos you already have

Looking for images to add to your video?
Start on social media. Take a look at what you’ve already posted and see if there are images you can include. You can also look to your website or catalog for image inspiration. Take product photos, your logo, pictures of staff and add those to your next project.

Grab content from customers

In business, word of mouth is one of the best advertisement ways. Ask customers if you can use pictures of them using your products and take screenshots of your best reviews.

Where to share your slideshow video


Post it on social media

Share on Facebook, Twitter, and more, right from Vimory’s photo-video maker. You can also download your video and post it to your favorite social media platform.

Show it at an event

Project your video on a screen and share it on Television. Download your video onto a USB drive, and you are ready in moments. Feature an anniversary, wedding slideshow, a memorial tribute, a graduation video, a trade show video, etc.

Add video to your website

A helpful video can help convert customers, whether driving traffic to your website, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Share a product demo, interview employees / customers / explore your company’s origin story by turning your images into a video.

How to make an Easter video with Vimory [ A Step-by-Step Guide ]

1. Select Template

Vimory templates are pre-designed for instant video making. You can use it to make on-the-spot videos. It includes everything you need, such as animation, frame, filter, music, etc.

2. Choose Type

Here you can choose your memory type for your selected template.

3. Add Photos

Here you can select photos and add them by clicking the “Next” button.

4. Customize Text

Here you can edit, remove, modify the default text, and you can add new text (custom text).

5. Choose Resolution

Here you can choose video output quality such as 4K(2160p), FHD(1080p), HD(720p), SD(480p), etc.

6. Processing your Vimory

Wait – it’s your video processing time. End of this process, you will get your desired video for sharing.

7. Share

You are here. So, your video is ready to share. Now you can share your video with friends & family, fans, followers, etc. So, select your platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Myspace, Reddit, Skype, FB Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Hangouts, IMO, Viber, Email, and more.

8. Your Timeline

Here you can share your video and write something about it, such as Facebook social media timeline.

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Make your first video today!

Create and share videos for free. Upgrade anytime for more customization.

How to make a Happy Easter video?


Get creative this Easter with Eye-catching Easter video greetings! No experience is required for video making. Vimory free Easter video maker lets you create a video in a few simple steps.

Select a pre-designed template from Vimory or start from scratch with Vimory to make a Happy Easter video


Just select your desired template from the Vimory Template library and Customize your videos without limitations. Then, if you have an idea, go forward and make an Easter video from scratch.

Customize your Happy Easter videos without limitations with Vimory


You can customize the elements inside the Easter template by replacing them with assets from the Vimory library. Also, you can upload your own assets, such as photos, music, etc., to make your Easter video more special.

Add amazing music to your Happy Easter


Select royalty-free music from the Vimory music library, or upload your own record or music to give your video a lively musical environment.

Save and share your Happy Easter video


Once you have created your Happy Easter video, you can save the video to your system or directly share the video on various social media channels.

We want to help make amazing videos

As you start making your videos, we’re here to help along the way!
Get started with Vimory and visit the Vimory help center for your answers to your questions. Join the Vimory Social Media Community. A team of video experts is ready to help you grow with tips, ideas, inspiration, along with feedback on your videos.

FAQ (Happy Easter Video)

VIMORY: Slideshow Video Maker & Photo Editor Mobile App can easily be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device. Please look through the most frequently asked questions or contact us for more details if you have any questions.

Vimory is the World’s easiest video slideshow maker, used by more than 1 million people.

It is 100% Social Media Friendly and Optimized instant photo editing, video creation, and slideshow making app.

Vimory Social Media Media Video Maker is one of the main features of VIMORY: Slideshow Video Maker & Photo Editor.

It enables you to turn your photos into video slideshows.

Perfect Memory Creator for You.

Download and Install the VIMORY: Slideshow Video Maker & Photo Editor app on your mobile phone (smartphone) or tablet to edit your desired photo and make slideshow videos.

Bring your photos to life with VIMORY.

How to Use Vimory > Click Here

The benefits of Vimory Easter Video Maker is following:

  • Standout from the Social Media Crowd
  • Grow Brand Awareness
  • Build Relationships
  • Increase Sales

Vimory Easter Video Maker has been invented for those who are looking for a creative way to make an impression on the web and social media platforms.

Such as:

  • video maker
  • photo editor
  • youngsters
  • parents
  • friends & family
  • celebrity
  • blogger
  • influencer
  • online marketer
  • seller
  • retailer
  • business owner
  • athletes
  • photographer
  • video editor
  • graphic designer & the rest of all

How to make an Easter video with Vimory [ A Step-by-Step Guide ]

Click Here >

How to make an Easter video with Vimory [ A Step-by-Step Guide ]

Click Here >

How to make an Easter video with Vimory [ A Step-by-Step Guide ]

Click Here >

You can make unlimited Easter videos with Free Vimory Easter Video Maker.

Download Free Easter Video Maker [Click Here]

Vimory is the World’s best and easiest video slideshow maker, used by more than 1 million people.

It is 100% Social Media Friendly and Optimized instant photo editing, video creation, and slideshow making app.

Vimory Easter Video Maker is one of the main features of VIMORY: Slideshow Video Maker & Photo Editor.

It enables you to turn your photos into video slideshows.

Perfect Memory Creator for You.

You can make unlimited Easter videos with Free Vimory Easter Video Maker.

Download Free Easter Video Maker [Click Here]

Template-based Easter Video Making Process.

Template-based Easter Video Making is an extremely fastest way to create videos according to your wants.

You can create videos as much as you want from anywhere. No previous experience is needed.

You can make unlimited template-based Easter videos with Free Vimory Easter Video Maker.

Template-based Easter Video Making Process [Click Here]

Custom Easter Video Making Process.

Custom Easter Video Making is a way to create videos from anywhere according to your unique demands and without previous experience.

You can make unlimited custom Easter videos with Free Vimory Easter Video Maker.

Custom Easter Video Making Process [Click Here]

Vimory has the following versions:
1 – 100% free version.
2 – Premium version.
For the free version, a watermark is included. But you can create the unlimited video. So there is no issue with that.

For the premium version, there is no watermark.

So, if you don’t want to show a watermark on your video, upgrade it to any premium plan. Then, the watermark will be removed automatically.

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